Amy’s Baking Company Food Search


ABC’s posted food images vs. food images found around the web


The desserts at Amy’s Baking Company look great, but my son is a chef and when we watched the show together, his first reaction was that their kitchen did not have the equipment necessary to make the desserts on display.  While visiting ABC’s Yelp page, the photos there were equally stunning, so I decided to do some searches and sure enough many of those photos also appear on other websites.  On the left are the photos from ABC’s website and Yelp pages, all posted by Samy & Amy.  On the right are other websites with suspiciously similar images.  If this is the result of recent ‘hacking’, note that many of Amy & Samy’s photos were clearly posted years ago.  Someone is now going through trying to remove these photos from the ABC websites, possibly to avoid copyright infringement, so I had to use the WayBack machine to locate ones that have been removed.